What agile QA Teams do

  1. Rapid yet controlled exploratory testing
  2. More and More Automated Testing
  3. Collaboration with Product Owners from day one
  4. Helping teams think through non-functional requirements
  5. Making sure every sprint is done-done

Finally subtle one but very important: Promoting “I am here to help the team deliver high quality and customer satisfaction” over “I am here to break your code”.

"Built-in paradox with the notion of people management is that most high-performing people do not like to be managed."
Interesting Subscription based Business Model. Good way of increasing customer loyalty. Tried their coffee - not bad.

Interesting Subscription based Business Model. Good way of increasing customer loyalty. Tried their coffee - not bad.

Touché - get rejected by company? Go build something and sell it to same company for billions

You are awake. You are awesome. Live like it. Source: SoulPanCake

Case-study on Focused Strategy: Letting go of 2 Billion Dollars in Revenue

Here is a case study on enterprise strategy to walk the walk on focus. CVS wanted to become a focused health-care provider and be known for that. Hence they boldly decided to eliminate offerings that do not align with that focus. This decision is costly in short-term with an immediate impact on revenue (almost $2 Billion dollars). However, in long run it is decisions like this that position companies for greatness.

Link to original article from WSJ

Study finds that basically every single person hates performance reviews

Thanks Ben Sun for sharing. This should not be surprising. That is why a culture of openness and continuous feedback is critical. I understand that it may be a necessary activity but companies should start looking for innovative options.

Chipotle Reducing the Lead-time manually by adding people

Sometimes the only way to reduce the lead-time is by adding people. It should be the least-preferred way as it adds to the costs and is not-scalable.

What makes a great company culture great?

As we discuss with our clients - there are several levers like Process, People, Structure, Culture, Strategy etc that determine how the company prospers.

At InRhythm, we are big fans of culture. I think Culture trumps lots of other levers that makes a company better than others. While Culture comes from top - this article covers other components that define a company culture. Good Read.

Must watch interview about how a company of 25 engineers is serving 400 million active users. Excellent customer focused company.
So you want to manage a product?

Good read on what a Product Manager does

Deployment Case Study: Yammer

This fantastic post by Yammer’s engineering team talks about how they made it possible for any engineer within the team to ship the code to any environment including production. No doubt that their service oriented architecture makes it possible but also note how they explicitly set ease of Deployment as a goal. 

How Walmart.ca’s Responsive Redesign Boost Conversion by 20%

Quick read on how Agile, Responsive Design and Table First all came together for Walmart.ca to boost conversion by 20%. Please note that even though this was a major re-design effort - they still stuck to 2 week sprints.

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